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I've around 20 years of IT experience, especially in infrastructure / DevOps and Cyber Security. This deep experience includes building networks and guiding Infra and Development teams for enterprise Cyber Security aspects. Managing my nodes with that professional background and applying the same enterprise-level security rules, policies, and standards to my nodes. My daily professional job is as Senior Cyber Security Architect, I and my team truly believe in decentralization and cryptocurrencies. Including me, My team includes 3 team members and They also have deep experience in IT and DevOps. If you want to make a professional collaboration; do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Using Bare-metal servers or VPS cloud nodes. Choosing based on project requirements. Multiple ISP and Datacenters
  • All my nodes are 7/24 monitoring with prometheus and grafana
  • 7/24 state monitored and healtchecks with bash and python scripts.
  • Continuous notification via Telegram with my telegram bot and integrated with all nodes for health checks
  • All nodes are up2date for vulnerabilities
  • Firewall protected nodes and integrated with special VPN Network for accessing
  • U2F(Hardware) MFA authentication enabled on SSH logins
  • My nodes are protected by an Enterprise EDR solution for zero-day attacks
  • Highly optimized infrastructure with using automation and container technologies which is like Docker/Ansible/Semaphore
  • Periodic offsite encrypted node backups and ready playbooks for emergency response
  • Collaboration

    We would be happy to support your projects. Please reach out to us via below communication channels.

    Secure Email

    If you want to reach out via secure communication channels, use our public PGP key.

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