AVAX delegation details

You can now delegate our AVAX nodes which is monitoring 7/24. Same datacenter infrastructure with our Cardano nodes. for Secure, Reliable and Professional service.

  • Location = VPS SSD servers located in Amsterdam based Cloud Compute Datacenter.
  • Who we are = We are Cyber security experts who believe AVAX project and installed our nodes for supporting decentralization.
  • Secure = Best practice security configurations applied and periodically scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • OS = Latest version Linux distribution has been installed to servers and periodically patching for stability and vulnerabilities.
  • Avalanche Validator List

    AMST - EmreNOP

  • %2 Fee
  • 8104 Avax Total capacity
  • Uptime 100%
  • Node ID = NodeID-6sLdnpLBDDMG2eEzgdiGjTkne7a1iETEu
  • How can i delegate you?

    Just login your avax wallet. ( and follow below screenshots.

    Click Earn link at left side of page and search our Node ID.

    Click red select button at the left.

    Select Staking period as log as you want or you can click max link for longest stake. Set Stake Amount or you can click max link for maximum amount of AVAX, you have and than click "CONFIRM" button at the left of page.

    You will see confirmation screen. Click "SUBMIT".

    That's it. Welcome to the Club