MINA delegation details

You can now delegate our MINA node which is monitoring 7/24. Same datacenter infrastructure with our Cardano and AVAX nodes. for Secure, Reliable and Professional service.

  • Location = 32 core Bare-metal server located in Amsterdam based Datacenter.
  • Who we are = We are Cyber security experts who believe MINA project and installed our nodes for supporting decentralization.
  • Secure = Best practice security configurations applied and periodically scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • OS = Latest version Linux distribution has been installed to servers and periodically patching for stability and vulnerabilities.
  • AMST - EmreNOP

  • %2 Fee
  • Pay out = End of EPOCH
  • Uptime 100%
  • Node ID = B62qs2P91UjdhngetBJ57C56HQ8t5V7ECAYWBvpkaC45ovXNgnzqfG6
  • How can i delegate you?

    Just follow this document.

    mina account unlock -public-key $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY
    mina client delegate-stake -receiver B62qs2P91UjdhngetBJ57C56HQ8t5V7ECAYWBvpkaC45ovXNgnzqfG6 -sender $MINA_PUBLIC_KEY -fee 0.1

    That's it. Welcome to the Club

    There is a latency period of a 2-4 weeks before your new stake delegation comes into effect

    Turkce delegasyon dokumani